What is Quiet Hiring? By Julie Rupenski, Founder & President, MedBest Recruiting

In 2022, we heard about “quiet quitting” and “quiet firing”. Now, there's another workplace trend to watch: “Quiet Hiring!”


Experts at Gartner define quiet hiring as when an organization acquires new skills without actually hiring a new person. It refers to moving current employees to other positions to take on more responsibilities beyond their current job description.  In other words, it's the shuffling of responsibilities and roles.


As Senior Living Executive Recruiters, we can tell you that quiet hiring is not exactly new, just the term is. Organizations have been doing it for years. However, it's front and center right now since organizations are in the midst of a talent shortage. In addition, in this economy, they're concerned about keeping costs down.


How Does Quiet Hiring Benefit an Organization?


  • Offers Cost Savings. Quiet hiring allows businesses to tap into their current staff rather than invest in the recruitment and training of a new hire
  • Leverages Internal Talent. Organizations tap into the additional skills and talents of their in-house staff
  • Enables Flexibility. Businesses can quickly deploy resources to where they're needed the most
  • Upskills Current Employees. Quiet hiring enables employers to retrain and upskill their current staff
  • Affects Employee Retention. When leaders present new opportunities to their workers, help them to be successful in the new role, and support them at every turn, employees tend to stay

How Does Quiet Hiring Benefit Employees?


  • Offers Stretch Assignments. Quiet hiring enables an employee to broaden their knowledge and expand their skills
  • Increases Value. A well-rounded employee with an impressive skill set often becomes invaluable to their current employer and more marketable to others
  • Earns Possible Raise or Promotion. Employees can leverage this trend for extra pay, benefits, training, or other perks such as more PTO
  • Shows Initiative. This is a chance to for a worker to prove that they're willing to take on new responsibilities and be a team player
  • Strengthens Career Trajectory. Use quite hiring as a chance to take a new and exciting path and get the most out of a new role. It can help build a career path for the future

What are Some Best Practices for Quiet Hiring?


  • Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate clearly and often. Be transparent. Employees need to understand why they're being asked to make a move. Poor communication can result in employee confusion and frustration.
  • Put People First. Make sure your employees are on board with transfers and feel that you have their best interests in mind.
  • Cross-Training is Great Preparation. Quiet hiring will be successful if you already incorporate cross-training. Let employees work in other departments from time to time. Ease your employees into the idea of quiet hiring.
  • Create Internal Mobility Policy. Quiet hiring is more successful when you have a policy that facilitates employee transfers between teams.

The success of quiet hiring will depend on the buy-in from leaders and employees. Quiet hiring is a proven efficient, cost-effective way to fill skill gaps and at the same time, help shape employee careers and future within an organization.


MedBest is an award-winning national Executive Search Firm exclusive to the Senior Living Industry. For more than two decades, we have connected senior living organizations with exceptional senior living executive talent for both permanent and interim roles. MedBest was named as one of American's top companies by Inc.5000 plus we are a Tampa Fast 50 Company!


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