About VALA

VALA is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing advocacy, education, communication, and resources on behalf of Virginia’s assisted living industry. VALA provides public service information and guidance to Virginia’s elderly residents helping them to understand Virginia’s senior living options and connecting them with Virginia’s state agencies as appropriate. VALA also supports individuals seeking to learn more about employment opportunities within Virginia’s assisted living industry. In addition to providing public service to the general public, VALA works with Virginia’s government agencies in reviewing and amending regulations and guidance documents as appropriate to improve senior living in Virginia.
Formed in 1996, VALA serves as a collective voice of assisted living providers. Our members represent the entire spectrum of Virginia’s  assisted living industry: providers of both non-profit and for-profit and large and small assisted living homes. VALA also welcomes Industry Partners, which are companies, government agencies, and individuals that provide a service to or have an interest in Virginia’s assisted living industry.
VALA is the official state affiliate of Argentum (formerly the Assisted Living Federation of America - ALFA). 

A Time of Change: Right now, the assisted living industry is undergoing many changes in Virginia and in the nation. Many forces are influencing the future of the rapidly growing alternative for Virginia seniors:

  • New regulations are being written
  • New legislation is being proposed
  • The needs and desires of residents are evolving.
  • Healthcare delivery and reimbursement systems are evolving
  • Consumer awareness and knowledge are on the rise​
During this time of transformation, the assisted living industry in Virginia faces an enormous challenge: How can providers "stay ahead of the curve" on issues affecting the future of assisted living while maintaining a focus on what is important today - providing quality, affordable, home-like alternatives to current residents?

PURPOSE: The purpose of VALA is to take such steps to further the common business interests of assisted living communities in the Commonwealth of Virginia. In furtherance of the foregoing purpose, but without limitation, the activities of the Corporation shall include (a) the promotion of the interests of assisted living communities in the Commonwealth of Virginia; (b) education and training; (c) legislative and administrative advocacy; and (d) the fostering of appropriate standards and practices in the development, marketing, and operation of assisted living communities.


VALA is a state affiliate member of Argentum. As an affiliate VALA works with Argentum on issues impacting our industry nationwide and follow their lead with the federal government. Argentum also keeps us updated on developments in other states. You can join Argentum directly, giving you access to all the benefits they have to offer, by going to their website at www.argentum.org. The members of the Argentum exemplify the principles of choice, dignity, and independence for seniors. To support these principles and to enhance quality of life for seniors, Argentum influences public policy, promotes business excellence, and ensures an informed public.

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Upcoming VALA Events

VALA is proud to offer upcoming events, webinars, and meetings for assisted living administrators, regional staff members, caregivers, nurses, and other staff members. Several of the events will offer a variety of continuing education credits dependent upon the topics (i.e. NAB, Nursing, Social Work). Check the VALA Events Calendar for upcoming opportunities.