Resignation Regrets Lead to Rise in Boomerang Employees by Julie Rupenski, Founder & CEO MedBest

It's an official record!  During 2021, 47.4 million American workers quit their jobs voluntarily. That shatters past numbers for any given year in this country. However, now in 2022, over 70% of those who resigned regret quitting their jobs per Fox News.


That means seven out of ten workers who thought they were leaving for greener pastures ended up being disappointed by their new role and/or new company they joined. They feel a sense of buyer's remorse.


Fox News interviewed The Muse CEO Kathryn Minshew, and she coined this trend as “shift shock.”  She went on to say, “They'll join a new company thinking it's their dream job and then there's a reality check.”


What now? As senior living recruiters, we're expecting a rise in “Boomerang Employees!” Boomerang employees, also dubbed the “comeback kids”, are those employees who left their employers and their positions voluntarily in 2021 only to return back to them in 2022.


Should you rehire a former employee if they left on good terms? For those of us in the senior living industry, that's an easy answer. Boomerang employees represent one of our most promising talent pools especially since talent in our industry is at a premium.


Other reasons Boomerang Employees are good for your senior living organization:


  • They're a Known Quantity.  As former employees, you already know what to expect from them especially when it comes to work ethic, job performance, and culture fit.
  • Positive Impact on Bottom Line. Rehired employees can start adding value to your bottom line in much less time than brand new employees. They're already trained and understand the high standards of care and service you expect.
  • Bring New Skills. Former employees may have gained valuable experience and skills during the time they were gone. It's highly likely that they received training to be successful in their new positions. Therefore, these additional skills can ultimately benefit your organization. Basically, you gain an employee who needs minimal training but brings extra skills.
  • Have More Commitment. If a former employee requests their job back, they are likely to return with more dedication and commitment than before. They will value aspects of your organization that they previously didn't appreciate or notice.
  • Serve as Interim Solution. Depending on their current situation, a former employee could serve as an Interim during your search for a permanent hire.
  • They're Cost Effective. It may come down to simple math. According to Glassdoor, the entire hiring process for a Boomerang Employee can be cut up to 50 percent compared to other unknown candidates.

Not rehiring former employees who left on good terms could be a missed business opportunity. Many of your former senior care and long term care employees could be ready to boomerang back into their old roles or take on a new challenges.

MedBest is an award-winning national Executive Search Firm exclusive to the Senior Living Industry. For more than 2 decades, we have connected senior living organizations with exceptional senior living executive talent for both permanent and interim roles.


MedBest was named as one of American's top companies by Inc.5000 plus we are a Tampa Fast 50 Company!


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