Making a Career Move? Consider Interim Leadership by Julie Rupenski, President & CEO, MedBest

Are you an experienced executive or nurse leader in Senior Living and thinking of making a career move? Have you considered Interim Leadership?

Being an interim executive or interim nurse leader in senior living can be a highly satisfying and exciting career move.  Just imagine:

  • Experiencing a variety of work environments and locations
  • Ability to dictate where and how often you work
  • Opportunity to create larger professional network
  • Opportunity to transform senior care environments
  • Tackling new projects and challenges
  • Ability to revitalize your career

We asked D.D., a highly experienced and well-respected Interim NHA with MedBest, what he likes best about being an interim leader and he replied, “Interim work gives me the ability to select an assignment with regards to location, client, and expected length.”

What Exactly is Interim Leadership?

An interim leader is brought onboard to lead organizational dynamics at an executive level. Sometimes an interim is hired to tackle specific projects, offer their expertise, fill-in when the predecessor has resigned, retired or left suddenly, and on other occasions an interim is instrumental in defining corporate strategy. Interim leaders often have the ability to make a real difference in an organization for a designated period of time without the need for a long-term commitment.

For example, we recently spoke with J.A., a seasoned Interim Clinical Consultant in senior living working with MedBest, and she stated, “I am often asked evaluate a facility for what is wrong. My approach is to look at the system, evaluate the system, and if there is something not working, I will offer solutions making the system effective and efficient. If systems are totally lacking, I collaborate with the leadership and develop systems based on their needs.”

Most senior living interim leaders have 20+ or more of experience in permanent leadership roles before serving as interims. They have a proven track record of success and bring strategic and operational expertise.

What's Expected of Interim Leaders?

Interim Leaders must be able to hit the ground running, create calm in times of crisis or high-pressure situations, quickly identify and resolve areas of conflicts, and have the ability to seamlessly transition the leadership role to a successor.

The most successful interims in senior living possess the following skills:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Quick Adaptability
  • Ability to Empower & Engage Others
  • Ability to Create Change
  • Self-Motivated & Driven
  • Strong Interpersonal Communication
  • Empathy & Compassion

If you're considering a career move and tempted by the idea of an interim leadership role in senior living, speak with interim senior living professionals who've already made the move. Ask them about the benefits, possible downsides, and duties on an average day.  Also, feel free to contact MedBest! As one of top US providers of senior living interim executives, we may be able to help!


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