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Friday, July 24, 2020

Webinar: “Dementia, Delirium, and Depression: How to Recognize Each When They Exist Together”

Start Date: 7/24/2020 1:00 PM EDT
End Date: 7/24/2020 2:00 PM EDT

Venue Name: Online Webinar

Event Website: www.valainfo.org/valawebinars

Organization Name: Online Webinar

Judy Hackler
Email: information@valainfo.org
Phone: (804) 332-2111

“Dementia, Delirium, and Depression: How to Recognize Each When They Exist Together”

Dementia, delirium and depression often coexist in elderly clients.? Failure to properly cognitively assess and recognize the differences and similarities between these issues can result in serious harm to clients.? Delirium, often a medical emergency, needs to be recognized and treated immediately.? Medical professionals may attribute acute cognitive changes to chronic cognitive disorders.? This lecture provides a clear and simple approach to understanding the etiology, presentation and corrective actions necessary for managing this common co-morbidity.


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