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How Can AI Help the Senior Living Talent Crunch? By Julie Rupenski, Founder & CEO

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can play a significant role in addressing staffing shortages in the senior living industry by improving efficiency, reducing administrative tasks, enhancing resident care quality, and assisting in various operational aspects.

Here Are a Number of Examples:


Candidate Matching. AI powered tools can sift through resumes and job postings helping senior living facilities identify suitable candidates more quickly.

Automated Onboarding
. AI driven chatbots and virtual assistants can guide new hires through the onboarding process reducing the workload on your HR staff. Also, by leveraging AI-powered platforms senior living organizations can automate administrative tasks, deliver personalized learning, and foster continuous learning.

Staffing Optimization
. AI can analyze historical data, occupancy rates, and care requirements to optimize staffing levels. This ensures that facilities always have the right number of staff members on duty. Here’s 11 of the best Staffing Software for 2023

Shift Planning
. AI can create shift schedules that accommodate staff preferences while ensuring adequate coverage.

Documentation & Reporting
. AI can automate the process of documenting patient care and generating reports, reducing administrative overhead for caregivers.

Care Quality
. AI can analyze patent data to predict health issues. This proactive care may reduce the need for emergency staff.

Telehealth & Virtual Consultations
. While telehealth has been around for awhile now, it’s worth noting that telehealth platforms have reduced the need for on-site medical staff or an unnecessary trip to a doctor’s office for minor concerns.

Robotic Caregivers
.  To lessen the demands on human staff, advanced robotics coupled with AI can assist with tasks such as meal delivery and basic health checks. In addition, autonomous robots can navigate hallways and elevators carrying medications. This boosts efficiency without breaking a sweat. However, the use of robots may not be popular with residents since they are often seen as cold and impersonal, which can turn people off.


While AI can address staffing shortages, it’s important to remember that technology should complement, not replace, the human touch in senior care. The combination of AI tools and a dedicated, well-trained staff can provide the best possible care for seniors during this talent crunch.

For more information or an immediate talent need, contact Julie Rupenski at / 727-526-1294.

14 Strategies for Talent Retention in Senior Living by Julie Rupenski, Founder & CEO, MedBest Recruiting

Retaining executives and nurse leaders in the senior living and long term care industry can be a challenging task, as there are various factors that can influence their job satisfaction and commitment. However, as senior living / long term care recruiters, we’d like to suggest a number of strategies that can be employed to improve executive and nurse leader retention:

Feeling Valued

Recognize and reward your staff for their accomplishments and contributions. This can be done through formal recognition programs, awards, bonus, etc.


Clearly Defined Expectations
Clearly outline each role and their responsibilities and performance expectations. Having well-defined job descriptions helps set goals.


Professional Development
Invest in employee’s professional growth. Provide opportunities for attending conferences, workshops, seminars related to our industry.


Positive Work Environment
Create an organizational environment that values employee health and well-being. Also, foster open communication and feedback.


Autonomy & Decision-Making Authority
Empower your executives and nurse leaders with the autonomy to make decisions related to quality patient care. Feeling trusted and respected enhances job satisfaction.


Promote a healthy work/life balance by allowing more flexibility in the schedules of staff and reasonable workloads. Overworked employees are more likely to experience dissatisfaction, burnout and ultimately leave.


Competitive Compensation & Benefits Package
Offer a competitive salary and benefits package that reflects industry standards and make sure it also commensurate with expertise and demands of the role. Add new perks to the package as well such as ample PTO, flexible schedules (if possible), retirement benefits, student loan assistance, employee wellness programs, fitness center memberships, and more.

Career Pathways

A career development path provides employees with an ongoing mechanism to enhance their skills and knowledge that can lead to mastery of their current jobs, promotions, and transfers to new or different positions.


Mentorship and Coaching
Connect your rising stars with experienced mentors or provide coaching to enhance their skills including problem solving and decision making. They also need to learn how to achieve their goals, both personal and professional.


Stable Leadership
Maintain consistent and stable leadership at the executive level. Frequent changes in upper management can lead to instability and affect staff morale.


Employee Engagement
Implement employee engagement programs that involve all staff members in continuous improvement efforts. Engagement can provide a competitive edge for assisted living and long-term care providers when your employees feel connected to a higher mission, understand the impact of their work, and realize how it helps them grow.


Address Burnout
Senior living must address well-being. Leadership in senior living has to play a critical role in providing care and support for vulnerable individuals.


Stay Current with Technology & AI
Knowledge of the latest technology and AI capabilities can empower employees to take on new responsibilities while increasing their job satisfaction and create higher levels of productivity.


Conduct Stay Interviews
We’re accustomed to hearing about exit interviews but “stay interviews” are just as important. It helps an organization to understand why a current employees want to stay and what would make them leave.

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