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Urgent Hiring Need? Here's What To Do...By Julie Rupenski, President & CEO, MedBest Recruiting

Do you have an urgent hiring need for senior living talent during this Covid19 crisis? Well, you’re not alone. Senior living hiring managers are super stressed right now when trying to fill an unexpected vacancy or urgently needing more hands-on-deck.

Patients' Right to Freedom of Choice in a COVID World

The following article is about waivers issued by CMS regarding discharge planning in hospitals. 

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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has issued a number of waivers of various requirements for healthcare providers. On May 11, 2020, CMS issued waivers regarding requirements for discharge planning for hospitals and critical access hospitals (CAHs). These waivers are described below.
CMS is waiving: Requirements of 42 CFR 482.43(a)(8), 42 CFR 482.61(e) and 42 CFR 485.642(a)(8) to provide detailed information about discharge planning as follows:
  • The hospital, psychiatric hospital and CAH must assist patients, their families or patients' representatives to select a post-acute provider by using and sharing data that includes, but is not limited to, home health agency (HHA), skilled nursing facility (SNF), inpatient rehabilitation facility (IRF) and long-term care hospital (LTCH) quality measures and resource use measures. The hospital must ensure that the post-acute care data on quality measures and resource use measures is relevant and applicable to patients' goals of care and treatment preferences.
  • Requirements and subparts of 42 CFR Section 482.43(c) related to  post-acute care services to expedite the safe discharge and movement of patients among care settings, and to be responsive to fluid situations in various areas of the country except as indicated below. Specifically, CMS is waiving requirements that hospitals ensure patients discharged home and referred for HHA services, or transferred to a SNF for post-hospital extended care service or transferred to an IRF or LTCH for specialized hospital services must:
    • 482.43(c)(1): Include in the discharge plan a list of HHAs, SNFs, IRFs or LTCHs that are available to patients;
    • 482.43(c)(2): Inform patients or their representatives of their freedom to choose among participating Medicare providers and suppliers of post-discharge services; and
    • 482.43(c)(3): Identify in discharge plans any HHA or SNF to which patients are referred in which hospitals have disclosable financial interests.
CMS is maintaining: Discharge planning requirements that ensure patients are discharged to appropriate settings with necessary medical information and goals of care as described in 42 CFR 482/43(a)(1)-(7) and (b).
Since most of these requirements are included in statutes, it is unlikely that CMS waivers will be permanent. Nonetheless, important rights are being waived temporarily that seem difficult to justify.
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MedBest New Team Member

Tampa, Florida - MedBest Recruiting, Executive Search Firm exclusive to Senior Living, is pleased to announce that Erica Hutsenpiller has joined their team as an Executive Senior Living Recruiter.

Erica brings over 15 years experience in the Senior Living Industry. She served as a Regional Director of Business Development in Skilled Nursing and as an Executive Director for Assisted Living and dedicated Memory Care Communities. Her role as Regional Director of Business Development in Skilled Nursing consisted of overseeing clinical liaisons, admissions, and developing long-term relationships with area Hospital C- Suite as well as Physicians in each marketplace. This position allowed her to work closely with Operators to have a pulse on each facility internal strengths and weaknesses. According to Julie Rupenski, President & CEO of MedBest, “We feel very fortunate that Erica has joined us as an Executive Recruiter. She brings years of experience as a strong leader in our industry and is well-known and respected. Working with dedicated, hard-working, and experienced people such as Erica can generate remarkable results.”Throughout her career, Erica actively served on multiple committees to help improve processes related to the continuum of care to decrease penalties related to CMS guidelines. In addition, 4 of the 8 Skilled Nursing Facilities and Home Health Agencies overseen were preferred providers for the CJR/BPCI and shared data with local hospitals and physicians for monthly and quarterly analysis. She served as an avid resource to area physicians and their staff to continue to educate and improve outcomes.

Contact Erica Hutsenpiller at / 727-786-0149.

Will Home Care Come Full Circle?

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Access to Residents of Assisted Living Facilities

Access to residents of assisted living facilities (ALFs) during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Just about every bar, restaurant and hotel across the country has been hit hard by COVID-19.  At the end of March, unemployment filings were up by more than 1000% for people in the food services industry and those working in hospitality.

This is a great time for the Senior Living Industry to hire them! According to a Senior Housing News article, “Senior living providers will no doubt need more workers in the coming weeks and months as Covid-19 rages on. And since many operators already hire from the hospitality talent pool, why not try to help those laid-off workers get back to work?”

We spoke with Ashley Lodi, Executive Director with a Senior Living Community located in Orlando, Florida, and she agrees and added, “Hospitality and senior living industries totally align since both require a caring heart, compassion for people, and the desire to serve. I would say that furloughed hospitality professionals in culinary, sales, marketing, and management could make an easy transition.”

Ms. Lodi is also concerned about the many students who are expected to graduate this spring and summer with a certificate or degree in hospitality, “In these uncertain times, finding a job in hospitality will be extremely difficult.  Senior living providers should try to attract these students now by partnering with schools and universities where hospitality programs are offered. They represent a large talent pool that our industry needs.”

What other places can senior living providers draw talent from? Ms. Lodi thinks that those who work for theme parks such as Disney would be a good fit, “Theme parks train workers on how to provide an amazing customer experience. There’s no doubt that these workers would be a good fit for senior living plus we can offer them an opportunity during a time when they need income.”

Income is not the only attractive feature of a job in senior living. Ms. Lodi shared that if a senior living provider wants to attract the best hospitality workers, they need to adopt and promote incentive programs such as employee of the month, education assistance, 401K, vacation, sick time, holiday pay, generous benefits package, rewards for employee referrals, etc.  Additionally, the more creative, the better.

While this unprecedented situation has caused the loss of thousands of jobs in hospitality, there’s certainly an opportunity for these workers to take advantage of the many jobs within senior living.

CDC Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Resource page from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Upcoming VALA Webinars

VALA is proud to offer upcoming webinars for assisted living administrators, regional staff members, caregivers, nurses, and other staff members. The webinars will offer a variety of continuing education credits dependent upon the topics (i.e. NAB, Nursing, Social Work). Many of the webinars are held live with the ability of participants to interact with the presenter during the webinar.